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Let's be honest: the very notion of credit repair companies ignites the worst of our skepticism. It conjures up images of fly-by-night, illegal document forging paper factories spitting out false social security cards and claiming everything in your file is fraud! In fact, most of the companies out there aren’t far from this. They lack anything to do with personal contact or customer service and instead boast inflated statistics by slapping your name on a form letter and inundating the credit reporting agencies with paperwork, all the while hoping your disputes fall in between the cracks.

However, Daly Financial puts customer service above all else. We believe in knowing our customers as well as their goals and addressing their issues as if they were our own. Thus each file is personalized and scrutinized with a careful attention to detail unmatched by others. We also offer something our competitors do not; a three-tiered system of attack. We not only deal with the credit bureaus reporting the information, but we also seek corrections from your creditors directly and we have amassed an impressive list of corporate contacts at virtually every financial institution in the country.

Finally, Daly Financial provides a guidance and education that is unparalleled in this industry. We are always a phone call or email away and make ourselves available to answer all your questions within 24-48 hours. For we believe that our clients’ true successes come from understanding our process as well as their own financial habits and making the necessary adjustments to protect and optimize their financial future. To put it bluntly, if we’ve done our job, we should not have the same client twice!








Whether you need 10 points or 100, the Daly Financial Group is committed to not only improving your credit score but showing you how to stay there! Contact us today for your free credit analysis and let us showcase the many successes that have made Daly Financial the best in the business!

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Neil Daly, CEO & founder of the Daly Financial Group, was born in Chicago and attended school at Northern Illinois University. A professionally trained writer/actor, Neil ventured out to Los Angeles and has appeared on camera in numerous film and television shows as well as been a spokesperson in many commercials. However, Neil's attributes as a performer are just the tip of the ice berg. His abilities to educate and instruct are his true gifts; and his instinctual knack for connecting with his audience make him a versatile and engaging public speaker and product endorser. He is educated and trained in both Communications as well as Education, having worked in the Los Angeles Unified School District developing and instituting a cutting edge college preparatory program for “at-risk” High School seniors.

It was here that Neil first became aware of the damage ignorance and apathy did to young people's financial futures as very few youths understood or fully grasped the concept of "credit" and what it meant to them. Moreover, he learned that many adults didn't know much more. He accepted a position at a San Fernando Valley credit restoration firm and quickly moved up the corporate ranks; achieving an eye-popping four promotions/advancements in 2004 alone. Neil eventually reached the top position of Senior Account Executive and lofted an astonishing success rate nearing 95% of achieving client goals per deadline, before eventually going into private practice. In 2005, Neil co-founded Credit Avengers however has since dissolved his partnership in order to launch his flagship credit restoration and consulting enterprise, the Daly Financial Group.

Neil Daly has spent the better part of the past few years honing his craft as a speaker; educating himself on all facets of Credit Restoration & Management, Debt Negotiation, FICO scoring, and Real Estate Law. He is also extremely well-versed in all areas of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and consumer protection rights as they pertain to both the individual and the small business. He has also amassed an extensive personal contact list at all major credit card issuing banks, auto-lenders, mortgage brokers, and collection agencies; not to mention his personal liaisons at the credit reporting bureaus.

Neil currently lives in Los Angeles where he continues to play an active role in developing educational tools and resources for students preparing for college, recent college graduates entering the work force, and newlywed couples starting families. He remains a consultant for the Los Angeles Unified School District and continues public speaking tours aimed at educating potential new home buyers and home mortgage lenders on their credit profile and debt management. But most importantly, Neil Daly remains the face and voice of the Daly Financial Group, the premier credit restoration and consulting firm in California, and continues to dedicate himself to improving his clients’ overall quality of life via credit restoration and financial improvement consultation.


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