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DFG client "Troy's" credit

report from 4/14/08; mid-score = 631

The Daly Financial Group prides itself on our commitment to the quality of service we provide with an honesty and integrity seldom found in the financial world. Our service is legal and ethical in accordance with State and Federal regulations and we sleep well at night. That’s why are considered the premier boutique credit restoration firm in the country; 100% dedicated to the overall satisfaction of our clients. And unlike other “too good to be true” repair shops you’ll no doubt stumble across on the internet, you are not just a number or a statistic to us! You are a vital component to the process; an integral member of our team. And we treasure your involvement and invite you to contact us with any questions/concerns at any time during your contract period. In addition to offering our clients a complimentary credit evaluation, Daly Financial provides a variety of programs to suit your personal needs.

“3 Level”™ Credit Analysis – Free

Forward your credit reports for a complimentary in-depth analysis and review. Daly Financial will respond either by email or by phone within 24-48 hours, providing a “3 level” approach to improving your FICO score.

Level 1 – We will educate you on the nuances and terminology of reading your own credit report as well as the specific items lenders and creditors look for when determining your “credit-worthiness.”

Level 2 – We will provide you with a detailed, yet easy-to-understand list of all derogatory information being reported about you by your creditors; from late payments to charge-offs or collections.

Level 3 – We will give you a personalized guideline to effectively manage your credit profile and optimize your FICO score on your own. We will advise you which account balances to pay down and to how much, which accounts to pay off and close, and ways to establish more revolving credit if need be.


For a free analysis, FAX your credit report to: 800.758.0801

same DFG client "Troy's" credit

report from 5/9/08; mid-score = 742


“Quick Fix”™ Maintenance Package – $200 & up

This short term contract provides our free “3 Level” consultation plus direct credit bureau disputes resulting in updated credit reports. Our disputes address the specific accounts reporting negatively as well as alternate listings or incorrect spellings of your personal information, i.e.: names, addresses, employers, etc… all of which contribute to lowering your credit score. Studies have shown that the vast majority of negative information in one’s credit history is outdated, irrelevant or inaccurate information. And without cause for investigation, the credit reporting agencies can and will leave this information on your report for the legal statute depending on the item which can be anywhere between 7 to 15 years. However, if this information is disputed appropriately, the credit bureaus by law must investigate the validity of your claim. Should this information be unable to be verified as 100% accurate and up to date within the legal 30 days, the credit bureaus must then correct or remove these items from your reports and issue new credit reports. Of course, any consumer has the right to dispute their own information and the credit bureaus know this and are prepared. Therefore they have developed a legal loophole whereby they have the right to ignore consumer disputes for one reason or another. That is precisely why Daly Financial excels at this. We are professionals and know the legality and logistics of credit bureau disputes better than anyone.

“FICO Elevator”™ Package – $200 per derogatory item
(2 tradeline minimum)

This one year contract provides our free “3 Level” consultation, unlimited credit bureau disputes, and a proven multi-level method of attacking specific derogatory items in your file. We not only address your accounts via our carefully-crafted disputes, but we contact those creditors reporting negative information directly and request written corrections to your account history. One of the many popular myths about credit reporting is the notion that negative information if indeed accurate is written in stone! However, this has been debunked time and time again as Daly Financial has acquired thousands upon thousands of “deletion letters” effectively removing said negative information from your account history and insuring that it never “pops” back up unannounced. We have amassed an extensive list of connections and corporate contacts at virtually every financial institution in the country; from home mortgage lenders to credit card issuing banks to auto leasing finance companies. We have also established relationships at nationwide collection agencies which are more often than not willing to provide corrections in exchange for payment. And Daly Financial’s staff is well versed at debt and settlement negotiation.

Speaking Engagements – $400 and up

The Daly Financial Group offers a host of specific and personalized speaking engagements. From intimate, in-office power-point presentations to trade shows and conventions to auditorium-sized educational seminars, Daly Financial has a program to suit your needs. Our speaking engagements are as entertaining as they are educational and we leave no stone unturned. Contact Daly Financial today to speak at your company or organization’s next affair.



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